Full CCcam Server Support and FAQ

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept payments via Paypal, Bitcoin and Perfect Money

Q. What do I need to connect to your services?

A. You need CCcam 2.0.9 or newer or Incubuscamd compatible box/device

Q. What equipment do i need to use your service?

A. All you need is a satellite dish pointing at your desired provider (ie. SKY) a Dreambox or similar running CCcam and a broadband connection.

Q. Do you send me a card for my receiver box?

A. No, once you order from us we send you a single line of code which you insert into a file on your reciever. This tells the receiver where in the world our servers are and how to communicate with them.

Q. How does card sharing work?

A. Card sharing is a method by which independent receivers obtain simultaneous access to a pay television network, using one legitimate conditional access subscription card. Typically, the legitimate card is attached to a personal computer or Dreambox which is connected to the Internet, and is configured to provide the legitimately decrypted control word to other receivers who request the information. This decrypted control word is then used to decode an encrypted conditional access service, as though each other receiver were using its own subscription card.

Q. Can I receive all the channels listed on your website?

A. You can receive only those channels that your satellite dish is able to receive. If you have a motorised system with a dish of a suitable size then it may be possible to receive all of the channels listed.

Q. What image do you recommend using on a Dreambox?

A. We recommend you install the firmware image Gemini 4.70 on your Dreambox as this is then the easiest software to use with your Dreambox.

Q. What CCcamdo you recommend using on a Dreambox?

A. We recommend you use the latest version of CCcam (currently 2.2.1) to connect to our servers.

Q. Can I use a receiver other than a Dreambox?

A. You can use any receiver including PC based receivers that will run the softcam CCcam. Please check with the manufacturer of your receiver to see if it can use CCcam before joining the service.

Q. Do you offer a cheaper alternative with less packages, e.g. just for Astra2?

A. No. We only offer the one subscription option which includes all available packages.

Q. Will you send me the CCcam.cfg file?

A. We will send you the C: line needed to connect to our servers. If you need a full config file then this can be downloaded from our support pages.

Q. Can I reshare your C: line or use it on more than 1 receiver?

A. No. The C: line supplied will work only on 1 receiver at a time.